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Noto Peninsula Recovery

Fundraising Gatherings

Support together!

I've frequented Wajima, a renowned lacquerware hub on the Noto Peninsula, ordering my preferred tableware for chakaiseki classes over the past two decades. Suzu, Nanao, and Kanazawa have also been regular stops for various ingredients. Unfortunately, these areas are still grappling with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, tsunami, and fires, affecting essential services like water and sewer systems.  To directly aid my friends, I'm organizing fundraising gatherings at my Culinary Atelier.  All the participation fee will be used for direct donations.

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Chariting Gatherings

March 17th European Cuisine

March 30th Hanami Washoku

March 31st Hanami Washoku

Cooking Classes

From beginners to experienced chefs, Hiroko's cooking classes are designed to match your interest and skill level. All classes are hands-on and instructional.​

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Private Party

Hiroko can host a cooking class and party for team building, birthday, anniversary or occasional gathering. 


Please consult with her for menu and budget.  She will create a delicious menu for the occasion.

Culinary Tours

Are you looking for distinctive and memorable "5-star" culinary vacation? With Hiroko's expansive global culinary network, her dedication and in-depth culinary tour experiences, she will make your tour like no other.  Currently, Hiroko is offering culinary tours in France and Japan.

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Noto Peninsula Recovery Fundraising Gatherings

March 9, 2024

Hiroko is hosting to raise recovery funds for victims of the devasting earthquake affecting the Noto Peninsula in Japan. Specifically, these are business associates of hers who have become personal friends over many years. Please take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some exquisite food in wonderful company and at the same time provide some much-needed relief for these earthquake victims as well.  Click here for more detail.


New Year Chakaiseki Photos Updated

February 5, 2024

It was an exceptionally cold weekend, forcing me to postpone my classes. Nevertheless, I successfully navigated my way through January. I felt relieved that we could host a "New Year Celebration ChaKaiseki" in a warm and friendly atmosphere. I am delighted to have crafted a New Year's celebration wholeheartedly. Thank you for your participation. The event photos are now updated on the gallery page.


​Please visit Gallery page

November 13, 2023

Please visit our gallery page for recent class photos.

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