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Cooking classes are taught in Hiroko's private home kitchen which can accommodate 6-14 students. The culinary atelier offers several kinds of classes including French, ItalianChakaiseki (the formal meal served for Japanese tea ceremony) and the new Washoku, (Japanese traditional cuisine recently added in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.)  All classes except guest chef's class are hands-on and participants prepare the dishes together and eat what they make in the class!

 Minazuki no Chakaiseki


Date: June 30th, Sunday, 1 PM- 6 PM

            July 1st, Monday, 11 AM- 4 PM

Class Fee: $125*

As the days grow longer and the lush greenery deepens, the chill of winter feels like a distant memory. At Minazuki (Month of Water) Chakaiseki, we celebrate this seasonal transformation by crafting exquisite kaiseki meals that reflect the essence of each season.


Having just returned from an inspiring two-week journey in Provence, Hiroko is meticulously preparing a menu that harmonizes the finest ingredients with traditional chakaiseki artistry.

Stay tuned for our upcoming schedule and menu details. Join us in savoring the delicate balance of flavors and the timeless beauty of seasonal chakaiseki.

(*) Registration Fee Required to the first time participant.  in addition to the class fee, the first time participant is required to pay the $115 registration fee. This fee includes a culinary apron, beret, kitchen towel, and a recipe folder.

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