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Cooking classes are taught in Hiroko's private home kitchen which can accommodate 6-14 students. The culinary atelier offers several kinds of classes including French, ItalianChakaiseki (the formal meal served for Japanese tea ceremony) and the new Washoku, (Japanese traditional cuisine recently added in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.)  All classes except guest chef's class are hands-on and participants prepare the dishes together and eat what they make in the class!

Christmas Menu 2022


December 18th, Saturday 1 PM - 7 PM

Class Fee: $110*

From my last trip to Leavenworth, I wen to Wine Tasting Tour for Hot Wine. I have purchased a kit and I am looking forward to the combination of my dishes.  The menu will be announced in December.


Hiroko is extremely particular about the quality of ingredients. Participants not only enjoy the taste of the finest ingredients in which Hiroko collects from all over the world, but also appreciate her creative and delicious recipes. Hiroko also teaches table settings, kitchen gadget, and the serving ideas. From the beginners to the advanced, there is always something to learn from her!   Please register by December 10th to secure your spot.

Oshogatsu Ryori - Japanse New Year Celebration


January 7th, Saturday or January 8th, Sunday 1 PM - 7 PM

Class Fee: $110*

We celebrated the beginning of the year, including New Year dishes, featured on Chakaiseki, Ozoni (Japenase New Year Mochi soup) and Osechi Ryori (the traditional food enjoyed on New Year’s day in Japan) .Please contact Hiroko for further details.

(*) Registration Fee Required to the first time participant.  in addition to the class fee, the first time participant is required to pay the $115 registration fee. This fee includes a culinary apron, beret, kitchen towel, and a recipe folder.

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