For Chakaiseki January, I served those homemade Wagashi (Japanese sweet). One is Apricot stuffed with sweetened white beans, sprinkled Gold. The other is Persimmon stuffed with sweetened white beans. Both are easy to make and delicious. However, this special persimmon was sent from Kanazawa and is called “Korogaki”, one of the speciality of the region. I must say thanks to my friend, Yoko Shirai who also send me all the necessary Japanese ingredients such as Kombu and Katsuobushi for making stock, called “Dashi”, which is essential for Japanese cooking.




I always enjoy smoking turkey for Thanksgiving, but my daughter who lives in NY never gets home for Thanksgiving, who requested to have turkey for Christmas. Here it is! We made sausage stuffing and please look at the beautiful contrast. Delicious!




I am organizing the Kwansei Gakuin 150 Year Anniversary Event: Yoko Kirishima Talk Show & Kaori Otake Harp Concert. Tickets are on sale now! Please see below for more information!!

Yoko Kirishima Talk Event & Kaori Otake Harp Concert & Seattle Asian Art Museum

Kwansei Gakuin The 125th Anniversary Concert Celebration: Yoko Kirishima Talk Event & Kaori Otake Harp Concert Yoko Kirishima Talk Event 15:00-

Award-winning non-fiction writer and an essayist Kirishima Yoko hosts the talk event, featuring her newly published essay, "Jinsei wa mada tabi no tochu". Kaori Otake Harp Concert 16:00- 1st prize winner of the Japan International Harp Competition in three divisions, winner of the Indiana University Harp Concerto Competition and awarded the Marilyn Costello Memorial Prize in the USA International Harp Competition. Kaori has given recitals and concerto performances around the world.

Date: August 24th Sunday, 3PM-5PM

Ticket: $30 (Open Seating)

Seattle Asian Art Musuem

1400 East Prospect Street Seattle, WA 98112 United States


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