Every Wednesday, I go to Tea ceremony class - Urasenke style way of tea. In the class, we get Omogashi like this photo,which is made by Japanese confectionary, Tokara. I always order two to take home. This is the tray for my husband whoworks at home office for 3 o'clock tea time. If someone drop by Wednesday afternoon, he/she is lucky to have this kind of sweet and tea. Welcome! Omogashi ; Sawarabi Jyoyo manjyu



It is a little far from my house, about 30 miles away, but I really like this bakery as they start from natural yeast. My favorite bread is their Rye bread, but any bread is good, very good! They have pastries and sandwiches as well.



We went to Italian restaurant, Spinasse. When they opened the restaurant a few years ago, I got the invitation for the opening party, but I've never got a chance to try their food until two weeks ago. I was quite satisfied with their menu and atmosphere. I went there again last night and tried some other menu. Excellent! For my dessert, I asked this Panna cotta with hazelnut nougat and honey on top. So goooood! This dessert is made with delicate French touch!


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