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Hermitage museum

Hi my dear friend,

After 648 n miles Maiden cruise from Ellös, Sweden to Sandhamn via Copenhagen on my new boat, Grande Dolly, my husband, Takemi arrived at Stockholm and joined me ICOYC cruise from Mariehamn to Helsinki as guest crew for the classic Swan 37 for another (at least) 168 n miles, beautiful Finland archipelago sailing/cruising, for me 816 n miles altogether. Amazing life time experience!!

Last 5 nights, we stayed at 5 stars hotels, very comfortable both in Helsinki and St. Petersburg, enjoying fine dinings and the Hermitage museum. I feel my new boat is as equally comfortable as both combined (8 stars! 5 stars hotel and 3 stars restaurant!)

Leaving for home this afternoon, staying overnight at Dubai. See you all when I get back!!


Hermitage museum
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