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Making Makizushi at Kobe-Seattle sister city association's New Year Party

Yesterday, I went to Kobe Seattle sister city association's New Year Party. I had to make a presentation about the Takarabune Regatta 2013. After all the business things were done, it was time for the Pot Luck Dinner.

I made this Makizushi with seven ingredients : Shiitake (needed to cook for overnight),egg roll, asparagus, spinach, Yamagobo, Takuwan, and prawn. With the top quality of Nori, it was melting once you bite it. In order to make a perfect Sushi rice, it would take 4-5 hours. Also, each ingredient needed separate preparation. I made a couple of samples,

then asked my husband to finish the rest of the rolls, as I wanted to wear Kimono for the party. He did pretty good, but I felt so sorry I could not roll all of them, as it is the best and fun part of making this Makizushi.


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